January 2019

BluSense Diagnostics participated in a workshop on Rapid Diagnostic Test for Dengue determination of serostatus before vaccination

Feeling the urgent need for a safe, effective and affordable dengue vaccine, BluSense Diagnostics was invited to participate in a workshop Pre-vaccination screening for the use of dengue vaccines with differential performance dependent on serostatus: rapid diagnostic tests and implementation strategies. The event took place in Les Pensieres, Annecy, France, January 14-16.

“During the meeting, several stakeholders from Asia and Latin America gave an insightful perspective of the challenges launching dengue immunisation programmes worldwide, and the associated needs for an accurate and specific pre-vaccination blood testing to identify serostatus. We had a chance to present our technology and efforts in developing a dengue pre-vaccination test, and BluBox and ViroTrack products got a positive response from the audience,” – said Filippo Bosco, CEO and founder of BluSense Diagnostics.

The workshop, prepared by the PDC Pre-Vaccination Strategy Think Tank, aimed at EPI managers, academic and front-line public health scientists in vaccine introduction and mass vaccination, industry, diagnostics manufacturers, leaders of laboratory networks, regulatory authorities, and policy-makers with experience in vaccine introduction.

The first dengue vaccine was licensed in 2015. For countries considering vaccination as part of their dengue control program, a “pre-vaccination screening strategy” would be the preferred option, in which only dengue-seropositive persons are vaccinated. Serological testing for past dengue infection could be used to identify persons who have had previous dengue infections.

January 2019

BluSense Diagnostics obtained market access approval of ViroTrack Acute Dengue NS1 Ag in Malaysia

From now on, BluSense Diagnostics ApS will be able to place BluSense devices not in one, but in two commercial markets. Yesterday, January 16th, the company received approval from the Malaysian Medical Device Authority allowing BSD to sell ViroTrack Acute Dengue NS1 Ag in Malaysia.

In 2018, due to the solid and timely support of Global Science Sdn Bhd, BSD received the Medical Device Registration Certificate allowing the commercial sales of BluBox in Malaysia.

BluSense Diagnostics ApS also provides affordable and accurate blood testing IVD devices for dengue diagnostics in Thailand.

December 2018

BSD presented at the grand opening of DTU Entrepreneurship

BluSense Diagnostics attended the grand opening of the newly announced centre for entrepreneurship, DTU Entrepreneurship, on Thursday, December 6th. The company was selected as one of the few start-ups that got the opportunity to display its work and products to the 200 attendees coming to the opening. 

DTU Entrepreneurship is a new centre at DTU, which is based on the University’s academic environments within entrepreneurship. The centre will increase research and education in the field and the purpose is to help engineers understand the interplay between technology and the new business models and support viable high-tech companies in adapting to a rapidly changing market.

The hope is that increased research and educational efforts within entrepreneurship will ensure even more staff-and student start-ups in the future.

November 2018

BluSense Diagnostics attends Experts Forum at the Danish Embassy in Bangkok

Due to cooperation between General Science Enterprise Co. Ltd and the Danish Embassy in Bangkok, Filippo Bosco, BluSense Diagnostics CEO,  and Marco Donolato, CSO, shared knowledge on innovative Point-of-Care dengue diagnostics at the Experts Forum "Innovation and Diagnostics Pathway to Improve Dengue Patient Management in Thailand", on November 29th. The participants discussed how to improve an early diagnosis of dengue and dengue patients’ management in Thailand.

These days, the inspection of dengue is a highly relevant topic in Thailand. According to the Ministry of Public Health (Thailand), 61,917 people were infected with dengue virus since the beginning of the year. In order to decrease the mortality rate, it is important to be able to diagnose patients in an early stage of dengue fever, so that the right dengue treatment is given in time.

September 2018

BluSense Diagnostics announced as the winner of the prestigious Nordic Stars 2018 Award

BluSense Diagnostics has been honoured with the Nordic Stars 2018 Award. This distinction is awarded for the outstanding innovation and entrepreneurial skills demonstrated in developing a point-of-care platform for the diagnosis of life-threatening diseases. The ceremony took place at the end of the Nordic Life Science Days in Stockholm on Wednesday, September 12.

“It is a great honour to be recognised for our success in developing an affordable and accurate blood testing platform for dengue fever. It is a great recognition for the hard work that our engineers and scientists, in Denmark and Taiwan, have dedicated to the launch of our first product”, - declared on stage Filippo Bosco, CEO, BluSense Diagnostics.

“BluSense Diagnostics has shown great determination, developing an innovative point-of-care platform for accurate, portable and affordable infectious disease diagnostics in four years. After receiving CE marking and EU grant this year, we are looking forward to following the commercial launch of their first diagnostic test for acute dengue fever”, - noted Björn Ursing, Chairman of the Nordic Stars Award. Read more

July 2018

BluSense Diagnostics reached a major milestone by achieving CE-marking for our reader (BluBox)

Less than 4 years after incorporation, BluSense Diagnostics reached a major milestone by achieving CE-marking for our reader (BluBox) and the first diagnostic test for acute dengue fever (ViroTrack Acute Dengue). This means than we now fulfill the requirements to market our product in the EU and we will apply for regulatory approval in South East Asia. This is a major milestone for us, and would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all employees at BluSense Diagnostics and BluSense Biotech.                                                                                                                                                                          

March 2018

BluSense has been granted € 2M from European Union

BluSense Diagnostics has been granted EUR 2M from the European

Innovation Council pilot (EIC pilot), with the purpose of supporting top-class innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists with bright ideas and the ambition to scale up internationally. The money will be used to finalize product development of our dengue diagnostic product (ViroTrack Combo) and to pave the way for market launch.

BluSense Diagnotics is among only 4 Danish companies that received the grant.


Read more there:

December 2017

BluSense Diagnostics - Winner of Colossus INNO 2017 competition

BluSense was awarded the “Global Winner” prize at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Colussusinno 2017. The innovation competition chaired by among others the Ministry of Finance, was set to award the company which could provide the most innovative and impactful technology for South East Asia. The organizers received 1,780 applications from all around the world, and after several stages of selection, BluSense Diagnostics came out as the sole winner. The title comes with a winning prize of $100,000 to pilot the innovation in the Malaysian market, plus the exposure to a variety of resources and skills to aid the growth of the idea, amongst which include collaboration with the local government and corporations for a stronger market entry.

Read more here about the competition:


BluSense Diagnostics receives ISO 13485:2016 certification


In June 2017 BluSense Diagnostics achieved certification of its quality management system according to the latest EN ISO 13485:2016 standard. The certificate was issued by the notified body BSI, UK.

Implementing a quality management system is not only required by the European directive 98/79/EC to bring in vitro diagnostic devices to market, but also demonstrates BluSense commitment to develop and manufacture products which meet the highest international standards.

“Receiving this certification by BSI is an important milestone in the development of BluSense. During the past years we have focused on the development of IVD devices using our patented magnetic nanoparticles based detection technology. Our quality management system provides us the tools to meet the expectations of patients and customers by delivering high quality and safe products. We will now focus on bringing our products for the detection of mosquito transmitted diseases such as Dengue and Zika to market by the beginning of 2018” stated Robert Burger, COO of BluSense Diagnostics.  

Request for Proposal for Distribution of BluSense Diagnostics products

After a sustained period of development and following successful validation studies, BluSense Diagnostics (BSD) is seeking to engage service providers (Distributor) to provide local distribution services relating to its Viro-Track products (primary focus on Dengue NS1, IgG/IgM and COMBO products) in Asia and LATAM regions.

BluSense Diagnostics is inviting any qualified distributors able to provide these services, to submit their express of interest at the following email address: and include a comprehensive outline and references of similar distribution arrangements that the proponent firm currently has in place with organizations other than BluSense Diagnostics that are of similar size and magnitude.

In response to preliminary assessment, BluSense Diagnostics will engage in sending a full RFP for further evaluation and commercial discussion.

We would like to thank you for your time, effort, and interest in our vision to increase access to high-quality laboratory medicine to the population in needs.

Mr Fabrice GERARD –