The diagnostics line for virus identification

Viro-Track products are BluSense’s proprietary one-drop-of-blood quantitative virus tests. Blood tests for flaviviruses (such as dengue and zika) are based on a set of parameters which characterize the nature of the infection. Measurement of viral RNA and/or antigen NS1 are representative of the acute phase (first 5-10 days from infection), while the specific IgM and IgG antibodies are present in a later (convalescent) phase. 

The VIRO-Track cartridges have been developed to quantitatively measure the amount of several virus-specific biomarkers in blood, so to quickly identify the infection, and specifically distinguish it from potentially similar diseases (such as dengue, zika and chikungunya).

Viro-Track products are available for single-disease tests (acute, serology, or combo) and as differential tests. Benefits of Viro-Track include:

  • Quantitative diagnostic tests for antigen, serology and combined tests.
  • No need of any laboratory equipment (centrifuges, pipettes, etc.).
  • Identification of the nature of a dengue infection (primary vs secondary).
  • Differential dengue/zika tests to increase diagnostic accuracy.
  • All Viro-Track tests (present and future) are compatible with any BluBox.



ViroTrack Acute Dengue NS1 Ag

Test used to detect dengue NS1

ViroTrack Duo Dengue IgG/IgM

Test used to detect dengue IgG/IgM


ViroTrack for detection of infectious diseases like zika, chikungunya etc.

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