BluSense Diagnostics has developed a tool for dengue and zika diagnostics

BluBox is a portable and affordable device specifically designed for single-drop-of-blood diagnostics operations. BluBox is compatible with a large number of single-use tests, which are developed by BluSense for diagnosing different diseases. Currently tests for dengue and zika diagnostics applications are under development. Furthermore, BluBox has already demonstrated its ability to accurately identify several diseases and different health conditions. 

BluBox has been designed and developed strictly following the global organizations’ target product profile for diagnostics equipment, identified by the current healthcare ecosystem as the ideal tool for increasing local diagnostics capacity.

  • Quick & easy: sample-to-answer 9 minutes
  • Accurate quantification: laboratory-grade accuracy
  • Versatile Diagnostics: compatible with large range of blood tests
  • Connected: 3G/Wi-Fi connectivity, automated case reporting 

Easy to use

Surveillance and case reporting

3G/Wi-Fi-assisted automated data reporting features ensure that every single device is constantly monitored, allowing BluSense service assistance to identify, real-time, when one device is malfunctioning. Embedded connectivity functions will furthermore allow geo-timed reporting of confirmed positive cases, providing governments and NGOs with statistical data to address issues such as positive cases mis-reporting, and outbreaks counter-measures policies implementation.

Our automated Cloud database and 3G connectivity enables:

  • Easy data transmission between laboratory and healthcare professionals
  • Real time data tracking
  • Opportunity for health institutions to monitor health impact of outbreaks
  • Better way to follow virus propagation
  • Possibility to collect vaccine effectiveness data
  • User-friendly data tracking app saves time for analysis of blood tests

Versatile diagnostics

BluSense’s solution is not only for dengue/zika but it can be scaled to many types of virus. BluBox and Viro-Track products are designed to be compatible with the detection of several virus infections, allowing BluBox operators to rely on a single device for multi-purpose diagnostics. BluSense R&D laboratories are actively developing tests for chikungunya and yellow fever, and several other diagnostics tests are in the pipeline.

Besides the use for virus detection, BluSense platform can be used for several mainstream diagnostics operations. BluSense technology has been successfully applied to blood tests for diabetes, liver diseases, severe inflammation, and cardiac conditions.

BluSense R&D activities have furthermore shown the potential of the opto-magnetic readout method to perform zika RNA molecular detection via isothermal amplifications, paving the way towards the implementation of a “total-diagnostics-toolâ€Â, able to run quantitative measurements of viral load, antigen/biomarkers, and serological titers.